Fresh Peach & Blueberry Yogurt Cake

I found myself sitting on the couch on a Sunday with four ripe peaches in my kitchen, wondering what I could do with them (other than eat them plain, they’re one of my absolute favs). So I went about tracking down a recipe that used a good bit of peaches but not a ton (didn’t have enough to make a galette, tart or crisp).

I came across this Peach & Blueberry Yogurt Cake from Julia’s Album and wow, oh wow. This cake may be my absolute favorite at the moment. One of my friends immediately asked for the recipe, also made the cake and said it was phenomenal. This is truly a go-to. If you’re ever coming over to dinner at our house, watch out, because I very well may be serving this cake! 🙂

The recipe is simple, you could put anything in it (dairy free? different fruits? want to add cornmeal?). It’s just one of those recipes that you feel like you could make 100 different versions of and they would all be amazing. On top of that, it’s completely delicous and the finished product is so beautiful (and looks like you worked a lot harder on it than you did!).

Somewhat side note, in the past year I’ve realized that I am lactose intolerant. I did use regular yogurt in this recipe and it didn’t bother me too much, but if I were to make it again I would try it with one of the non-dairy yogurt alternatives.

Modifications to consider:

  • The recipe calls for Greek Yogurt. I feel like you could really make this with anything – greek yogurt, regular yogurt, non-dairy yogurt, sour creme (I’m dying to try this actually).
  • Change up the fruit – whatever you’ve got or are in the mood for would work here
  • Cornmeal? For some reason I’m on a cornmeal-in-desserts kick and think this could really support it. Might be a challenge / change the overal format of the cake a bit, but something I will likely try.

This Jess rankings:

  • Making it: 7/10 – not challenging, but enough to be fun!
  • Eating it: 10/10 – so good, so moist, and full of fresh fruit. The best!
  • Looking at it: 10/10 – beautiful and really painless

You can find the full recipe linked here. Make it! Yes, now!

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