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Summer Gazpacho

by thisjess.cooks

I will fully admit that my husband is easy to please when it comes to cooking. If I make it, he likes it; there isn’t much that he doesn’t like (love you for that!). But I’ve recently discovered that gazpacho is one of those things that he really has a soft spot for.

My reaction: of all things, really?!?

But I’ll take it! Gazpacho is super easy to make, is actually better the longer you let it sit, and is perfect for summer veggies and those hot, hot days when the last thing you want to do is cook.

So when the tomatoes were super ripe, I made the Easy Summer Gazpacho from Local Haven. A sidebar, but I’m also realizing that 1) I am very gullible in the kitchen and will follow a recipe to the T 2) I have a good gut instinct in the kitchen and should really listen to myself a little more often! Don’t get me wrong, this recipe turned out really well, but as I was making it, I found myself thinking that hmmmm, none of these ingredients are yellow…. I wonder how this final gazpacho is going to turn out yellow! Yep, my gazpacho was red (red tomatoes tends to do that!….). You could completely make this with different colors of any of the vegetables involved, but I was naively thinking this would be yellow when I followed the recipe!

Again, this recipe was incredibly simple and gazpacho is so forgiving. Once you’ve got the tomato base, throw in a little bit of whatever you’ve got! Also, the gazpacho became even tastier the next day after it had sat for a while. Talk about good leftovers 🙂

The This Jess ranking:

  • Making it: 6/10 – super easy and really no “cooking” required
  • Eating it: 9/10 – really fresh, and summery
  • Looking at it: 9/10 – only becuase I thought it would be yellow!

You can find the full recipe linked here.

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