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Tomato Cobbler

by thisjess.cooks

A perfect mix between a summer and fall dish, a Tomato Cobbler popped up on my radar this past week and I just had to try it. As soon as I tasted it, I knew that I would love to make a more fall-oriented version of this that would really almost become a chili (it would totally work!). On the other hand, you could also make this more of a ratatouille and use really any vegetables that you like (eggplant and squash would be amazing).

It’s the best kind of dish: a super simple concept that you can really take any direction you want!


I actually used a combination of two recipes, largely pulling from this one on The Kitchn and then also some of the aspects of this one from Heartbeet Kitchen. My tomato base was more in line with Heartbeet Kitchen’s — with the celery, onion, etc. — but then I did the cornmeal biscuits on top. Also, I did not use any dairy, so left out all cheese and that wasn’t an issue!

The dish actually came out so naturally sweet, it was amazing! It smelled like heaven while it was cooking and then the flavors together were the perfect embodiment of summer 🙂 The cornmeal biscuits worked well, but I would actually say that you should just use whatever cornmeal (or biscuit) recipe  you like best and top with that. It can take it, it’s pretty forgiving!


This was one of those recipes where I really missed having a backyard garden. I’m sure that at some point this summer, my Dad was wondering what to do with all of his tomatoes (let’s be serious, he canned them), and this would have been perfect!

You can find the full recipes I pulled from here: The Kitchn and Heartbeet Kitchen.

Happy cooking!

xx Jess


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