Skillet Cornbread

Cornbread is one of those things that I follow a different recipe nearly every time I make it. Not to say that the ones I have made aren’t good, there are just so many great variations!

This Skillet Cornbread is fantastic for a chili or hearty stew where you know you’re going to be dunking it. On its own, it’s a little dry and quite gritty (that’s what 2 cups of cornmeal will get you!), so just be aware. It’s not sweet — no sugar added — but it’s honestly fantastic if you’re looking for a heartier, more savory cornbread, which went along perfectly with the Turkey Chili I made (more on that later!). I also served it with butter and honey on top, to add a bit of that sweetness.


One of the tricks to this recipe is to have your skillet quite hot and for the butter so that it gets a bit of a sear on the cornbread when you pour in the batter, and you get a little more of that browned butter taste. I also think this recipe would be amazing with something mixed into the batter — thinking raisins, craisins or apples! I’ll be ready with mixins next time!

You can find the full recipe here.

xx Jess


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