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A San Francisco Adventure – Petit Crenn, Jane on Fillmore & Rothy’s

by thisjess.cooks

Oh my goodness, have I been off the grid for a bit! It’s been a whirlwind month (and it’s only the 15th, I know) and I have hardly been home at all. I started off the month in San Francisco visiting one of my oldest friends who just recently moved out there. In true foodie fashion, we immediately proceeded to eat our way through the city.

Quick thing to point out – as you’re flying into San Francisco you fly over these amazing colorful red, green, yellow and orange salt ponds. Make sure to take a peek as you’re flying in!


The first evening, I arrived we were lucky enough to snag a spot at Petit Crenn. I’ve been watching a lot of Chef’s Table on Netflix, so knew it was not to be missed! The restaurant is small, cozy, bright and adorable. Since I’m dairy free and my friend doesn’t eat red meat, I was a little nervous that we would really be throwing off a tasting menu, but the tasting menu at Petit Crenn is all seafood and dairy really wasn’t an issue. There were only two dishes that they had to modify slightly for me, and it wasn’t a problem at all — I’m sure they’ve received harder asks! The food was absolutely delicious– incredibly fresh, light and airy, but also completely satisfying. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a tasting menu as much (often, I find them to a be a little contrived).

Day 2 we started with brunch at Jane on Fillmore. Frankly, I thought it would be better than it was. The food was good, but not great, honestly. And certainly not worth the incredibly slow service, lack of table service (we sat there with dirty plates leftover from the people before us for a good 15 minutes). The place is also packed and you’re constantly getting bumped and shuffled by everyone trying to get around, so it’s not the most relaxing experience. If you went at an off time, it would be better but I would say to stay away when it’s crammed. ALSO, their “claim to fame” are their highly Instagrammable tables (cute black and white) but they have these really obnoxious pieces of white paper under the glass of the table saying that you can’t just park there with your laptop for hours…. i.e. no pics.

ROTHYS-high-res-5_preview (1)A short walk from Jane on Fillmore there is a Rothy’s brick and mortar store! Whoa. Yes. Rothy’s. We went in and of course I ended up buying a pair (even though I said I wouldn’t). There was actually a wait to get into the store, mostly because it’s so small, but it also kept it from getting too crowded. If you’re getting a pair, my recommendation (from the woman working in the store) is to go up half a size. Also, find someone that will give you a referral code  — if you refer a friend, you get $20 off (honestly, I’ll give you my code if you want it: www.talkable.com/x/QvtdbI).

The material is actually made from recycled plastic bottles and then 3D printed to make the shoes all in one piece (no rubbing seams!). And the best part: you can wash them in the wash machine. I repeat — the wash machine, yes.  I got the leopard print in the pointy toe flats and let me tell you, I have never had as many recommendations on a pair of shoes! I’ve also washed mine twice and they are completely fine! I’ll be going back to get one of the Flax color because I won’t be nervous at all about them getting dirty! In all honesty, since they are made of plastic, my feet do sweat a little, so the washing is important. But I really don’t mind. It’s impossible to find a good pair of flats and these look great, feel amazing, and are the cutest ever. Can’t recommend them enough!

If I haven’t convinced you to eat at Petit Crenn or buy a pair of Rothy’s at this point, you can abandon ship, but I’ll be back with more on my San Francisco trip for those of you that want to stay tuned!

xx Jess

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