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The San Francisco Adventure Continues – Sorrel & Radhaus

by thisjess.cooks

Following a food-filled first day in San Francisco, we had dinner our second evening at Sorrel in Presidio Heights (in our Rothy’s, after seeing the infamous Lomard Street, of course). The vibe of the place was fantastic and I would argue that we had the best table in the place — at the end of the communal table right next to the kitchen where we could see all the action. I knew of Petit Crenn before we went the night before, so had high expectations, but I knew nothing of Sorrel and was really impressed. Expensive, yes, but the shared duck plate was truly phenomenal. I will say that there were a few things that were a bit odd (my half of the duck was cooked perfectly while my friend’s was under, and the waiter took my wine glass away before our bottle was finished until we asked her to bring another). Overall, very impressed. It’s not your regular Tuesday night dinner, but a would be great for a date night spot.

I know I said the place was gorgeous, but really, everything was. Make sure to check out the bathroom with some of the restaurant’s first recipes hanging on the wall, some serious floral graphic wall paper, and gold wrapped toilet paper (because that’s normal).

Day 3 was our truly tourisy day. We had brunch at Palm House (overrated from a food / drink standpoint, but the place is cute) and then walked down along Chrissy Field to the Golden Gate Bridge and beyond. We cheated a bit (the walk got seriously long) and took an Uber to Cliff House and Ocean Beach to see the big cold beachfront. It’s a gorgeous walk and coastline and there are so many different paths and trails that you could do some serious exploring in there.

In the late afternoon, we went to Radhaus beergarden, a crazy adorable spot on the water in the Marina District. It’s in one of the old restored warehouses / loading docks and has an awesome vibe – and view – with huge windows overlooking the marina and bay. The weather was cloudy when we were there, but this seems like it would be a great spot to catch a sunset. The beers and food were awesome too, I would definitely come back!

A few more thoughts:

Getting around San Francisco: Uber is your best friend and everyone takes Uber Pool (it’s crazy cheap and not creepy at all). The subway is very easy and super clean, but doesn’t seem to go that many places. There are bike and scooter rental services, but just beware, the hills are no joke and seem to be in every direction so you may find yourself really grinding to get where you want to go.

Bars we visited over the weekend: Horsefeather (good for a cocktail or a date night spot), The Page (dive bar fun for a group of friends or to play games), Anina (great outdoor space for day drinking!). Of all of them, the Hayes Valley area seemed to have a lot going on with a nice outdoor park with art installations and bars / restaurants all around it!

And that’s it! We managed to eat and drink a lot in three days, but let me know if there are any favorite spots you have, or somewhere that you would recommend visiting! Happy wandering!

xx Jess

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