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Our First Fall in Chicago

by thisjess.cooks

Fall has hit hard and fast in Chicago. Coming from NYC (and originally Cincinnati), I had gotten used to the summer hitting that point where it’s truly disgusting and you just basically can’t go outside / want to sit on your couch and watch Netflix all day.

I naively referred to it as a breeze during the summertime, but the wind in Chicago keeps the heat so much more bearable! With that though, fall comes in quickly and that “nice breeze” is already pretty intense! I know we’re really in for it this winter, so fingers crossed it isn’t too bad!

I spent the afternoon this weekend wandering in Millenium Park. It’s really the Central Park of Chicago (one of my absolute favorite places in NYC), and I hadn’t really spent any time there. The leaves are just starting to turn and one of the types of trees is already

DSC_0506completely red. The park was buzzing with tourists, a few wedding photoshoots, a quinceañera, and Del Monte sponsored booths (which meant there were tons of people walking around with bananas / in banana costumes / with blowup bananas – it was a lot!).

I would love to pop out to the park sometime at sunrise, or early in the morning when it’s still quiet, but even in the thick of it, it’s gorgeous.

I saw The Bean (which is actually named Cloud Gate, who knew??), Jay Pritzker Pavilion with its iconic arches over the city skyline, and Lurie Gardens, and Nichols Bridgeway leading to the Art Institute of Chicago.

For my next adventure, I’ll need to check out the Adler Planetarium and the city skyline views from there! On a hunt for the best!

Do you have a favorite tourist spot / city skyline viewpoint in Chicago? I want to hear about it! Happy wandering 🙂

xx Jess


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