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Our Woodstock Weekend: A Woodsy Airbnb

by thisjess.cooks

I am the biggest fan of Airbnb. I absolutely love that you can stay in an actual house / apartment in a real residential neighborhood rather than staying in a cookie-cutter hotel. I can appreciate that there are certainly times when you might like the consistency or reassurance of a hotel, but most of the time, living even a little bit like a local will make your trip better!

We rented an Airbnb in Woodstock this past weekend and it was adorable. The house felt authentic to its surroundings with a wood stove and a seven acre property with a stream running through the back. It was at the end of a dead end street (albeit with some intimidating signs going down that street!) but it was perfectly secluded. The leaves were in full color and absolutely gorgeous.




As soon as we got there, I walked around the Airbnb property and snapped a few photos of the house and grounds, and I hope you enjoy them!

Only because they were great, if you’re interested in checking this house on Airbnb, here it is! Happy travels!

xx Jess

And of course, a few of my friend Kelly on the property again 🙂

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