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Our Woodstock Weekend – First Stop: Phoenecia Diner

by thisjess.cooks

This past weekend, we went to upstate New York with a few friends and rented an Airbnb to celebrate a few birthdays (mine included)! Mountain house / upstate weekends have *sneakily* become something that we’ve really loved in the past few years, and now that we’re in Chicago, we’ll still make a trip out for it! There is nothing better than a few friends, a house in the middle of nowhere with a hot tub, games, and a few drinks — it’s the perfect time!

This trip we picked Woodstock – a first for both of us. Only a three hour drive from NYC, it’s very easy to get there and a gorgeous town once you are. Our very first stop (before the Airbnb even) was to Phoenecia Diner, which was a few miles west of Woodstock. A quaint little diner seemingly in the middle of nowhere, the food is phenomenal. Breakfast is served all day, but the lunch menu is just as impressive. For later in the day there is a bar attached next door.


It’s a place that we had heard of through friends, but it really is worth the stop! Plus, the leaves were perfection this weekend, and we took advantage with as many foliage pictures as possible 🙂


If you go (or have been) let me know what you think! Also, I ordered the BLT (which was BOMB, I think I could literally lick this photo), but if you have a fav I want to hear about it so I can try next time!

xx Jess

P.S. the below pics are of my friend Kelly, but how cute, right??? Gotta love the red hair 🙂

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