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Short Rib & Pumpkin Chili

by thisjess.cooks

RIP Halloween decorations (yes, I still had a pumpkin in my house!). Lucky for me, we never carved it, and I made sure to buy a baking pumpkin so I could make something out of it when the holiday was over 🙂

This weekend was Mission: Get Rid of the Pumpkin, so when I found this Short Rib & Pumpkin Chili, I knew I was a goner!


The chili was phenomenal, but I would say that it really ended up being incredibly meat heavy, and there are some ratio changes that I would recommend, and personally, I will make myself, the next time that I cook this recipe. In the hopes of helping you before then, here are my suggestions:

  • Reduce the amount of meat. The recipe calls for 5 lbs. of short ribs (bone in), but I would reduce this to 3 1/2 or 4 lbs. The end product chili was approximately 80 percent meat, if not more, which for me is just a bit higher than I want it to be.
  • Increase the liquid, especially water / stock. The chili did not have nearly enough liquid, and as mentioned, was pretty much a bowl of meat. It didn’t burn, and I think the recipe as written does work but for me, I would more liquid to help cut a bit of the richness of the meat and spread it out. Granted, it was incredibly tasty meat, but for me to consider this a chili, there needs to be a lot more liquid.
    • To note: the beer is good as welll, but I wouldn’t increase only the beer, as that is very rich as well and the final chili ends up being quite rich. A weaker beer like a Bud Light might even be better.
  • Increase the amount of pumpkin and beans. Similar to the above, the final product was so short rib-heavy, I would have loved to have a little more of the other ingredients, with more black beans, and certainly more pumpkin (you could nearly double it).

I will admit that I perhaps cooked mine a little long, although followed the recipe. The pumpkin and black beans were a little bit on the overcooked / overly soft side, but all in all, the main goal was to make sure the meat was really fall apart tender, and it was (and it tasted amazing).

It was probably the most spiced (not hot spicy, but complex spicy) chili that I’ve ever made, but I really enjoyed it and I would certainly make it again, with the modifications above!

You can find the full recipe here. Let me know what you think!

xx Jess


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