My Chicago Restaurant Hit List

From one foodie to another, we’re big on sharing our “lists.” You know you’ve found a fellow food aficionado when they can pull out their Google Doc or Excel, Notes app, restaurant journal, or other tracker for the list of places they’ve eaten or want to eat, and it’s an absolute gold mine.

Personally, I don’t keep a long, extensive tracker, but I do always have a list running of the 10 (more or less) restaurants that I want to try whenever the opportunity arises next. It’s not a “goal list,” per say, but speaks more to what’s new in the city or what I haven’t tried yet.

So here’s what’s on my hit list currently! I’ll caveat this by saying – as I often do – that I am based in the West Loop, so a lot of my food choices lean heavily in that neighborhood since it’s the easiest for me. Also, these are not all necessarily new restaurants (some are), but more a grouping of places I haven’t tried yet!


I’ll be updating this from time to time, taking off places that I’ve tried and adding in new places I want to try! Standby for reviews (or at least pictures). If you’ve been to any of these, or have any awesome recommendations to try out, I’d love to hear it! Also, if you have any really great ways that you track your lists, and you’re willing to share, I’d love to hear about it!




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