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We’re in Quarantine… And Things Get Weird

by thisjess.cooks

It’s been nearly two years since I started this blog and several months since I last posted, but the world is a weird place right now. What better time than during COVID-19 to resuscitate a blog?

A whirlwind catchup of the last 6+ months: I started at a new job (love it) and we bought a condo in Chicago (love it even more)! We moved into our condo right as Chicago was going under stay-at-home order in April, so to say it was a weird time is a bit of an understatement. This is the first property that my husband and I have bought, so I don’t have anything to compare it to (who knows, maybe all closings are just insane), but let’s just say it could’ve gone smoother.

At the end of the day we had a rockstar lawyer, walked out of the title office with the keys, and we haven’t looked back. We had a few weeks with the new condo before we moved in, so we immediately set about painting the place head to toe, doing a deep clean, and prepping for move in day.

We’ve now been in our condo for almost a month (I guess it’s another anniversary to celebrate!) and it has been so fantastic. I think my true spirit animal is a homeowner since not only do I get to cook all the time (stay-at-home order really contributing to that one), but I also get to do DIY home projects, which is what I reallyyyy want to do.

A friend once asked me my heart age – at your core, your true self, how old are you? This age may have passed already, or it may still be in the future, but if you truly, truly look at yourself, at what age is your heart happiest? Seriously, think about it! For him, his heart age was 16 so he’s well over the hump (insert eye roll). I have another friend who’s heart age is about 70 – and I don’t mean that as a slight. For me, I think this is it. I think these next 5 years are where my heart wants to be. Settled enough but not boring. Totally acceptable to have odd hobbies or want to build a planter on a weekend rather than doing something crazy, but also young enough not to have too, too many responsibilities (it’s just us after all – no dog, even!). Just soaking it up!

Anyhow, this is a longwinded way to say…. I’m back, baby! (every movie ever)

But in all seriousness, at my heart I’m a creator, a maker. Whether I’m cooking or baking, or doing a DIY project, or writing, or finding somewhere / something new – that’s where I’m happiest. So let’s make some more things together, and tackle that weird project, and totally do things the hard way, but learn the whole way and have no regrets coming out of it.

And stick around – as always, there will be food!

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Jeannie Eat World May 15, 2020 - 5:30 am

Welcome back! All this stay-at-home business has me coming back to the blog too 😅Congrats on the new job and condo – that’s so exciting!

thisjesswanders May 15, 2020 - 1:49 pm

Thanks, Jeannie! Hope you’re staying well!


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