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A Cooking Club & A Knife Review

by thisjess.cooks

We’ve been having a record-setting winter here in Chicago — over the past three weeks, we’ve had more snow than we typically do in an entire winter. I’m someone who could eat soup every day of my life, but with it being this cold, I’m having an extra soup kick! It’s easy to make, so cozy, and fulfilling — especially when there are tens of inches (at this point, more) of snow outside.

I recently joined the Love & Lemons Coooking Club; each month Jeanine and Jack, the duo behind Love & Lemons, chooses a recipe and invites all participants to make the recipe and share their images. For February, the challenge is Cauliflower Soup.

To make this even better, the team at Tuo Cutlery gifted me a set of knives to test out that I put to work for this recipe! They were perfect for chopping up all of the ingredients to make our soup.

The knives are beautiful — I love the design of the blade and the handles are very sleek. These are the brand’s Ring line in the 8 inch Chef Knife and 3.5 inch paring knife. The design is lovely, they feel good in hand, and maneuver easily. I’ll also fully admit that I didn’t have a paring knife (gasp) and I am so happy to add these to our knife collection! They’re also available on Amazon, so easy to order and arrive in no time. This set also came in beautiful packaging that would make a great gift for any registries you might be shopping for.

On to the soup! Cauliflower soup on its own can be quite neutral, so the toppings are extra important; I decided to top ours with a spicy paprika oil (which I’m fairly convinced I’m going to put on everything now), toasted bread crumbs, and roasted pine nuts.

The perfect hearty bowl for these snowy Chicago days! Thank you to the team at Love & Lemons for this recipe and the cooking challenge, and thank you to Tuo Cutlery for helping us to make it!

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